Month: May 2017

Las Vegas Sands Corp. Loses $43.3 Million In Judges Ruling

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The Las Vegas Sands Corp. learned a tough lesson on Saturday. A Hong Kong man was awarded $43.8 million from a judge for his part in helping the Sands Corp. open their casino in Macau.

The company used the help of Richard Suen to obtain their gambling license in Macau. He helped them gain their license, and once they opened up their casino, they paid Suen nothing.

He received his piece on Saturday, however. The judge ruled that the Sands Corp. would have to pay Suen $43.8 million for his role in helping the company. The company now has two properties in Macau, with plans for ten more.

Attorneys for the Sands Corp. argued that their client did not owe the money because Suen reneged on his end of the deal. They say that he was supposed to help company executives in 200 and 2001, and that he did not follow through.

The judge, while siding with Suen, did not award the money that he was suing for. He had wanted $100 million, but the ruling came down with him only getting a little over forty percent of what he was seeking.

An eight person jury began deliberations in the case on Friday. The ruling came down just twenty four hours later.

Employee Jailed After Stealing Gambling Lottery Tickets

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Lottery gambling tickets are a way for people to make quick cash. The tickets can pay all the way up to $1 million. Most, however, pay off in the range of $5 to $1,000.

The lure of the money sometimes makes employees at locations that sell the tickets envious of winners. By constantly cashing the winning gambling tickets for customers, the employee can see how much can be won.

One employee from a Winn Dixie supermarket was overly enticed by the winning tickets she was cashing. Heather Michelle Wright, 18, of Mulberry, was arrested and charged with stealing $600 worth of lottery tickets from her employer.

Wright took the ‘Gold Rush’ tickets. They sell for $20, and have many winning $500 tickets to go along with other winning denominations. Wright then took the stolen tickets and cashed the winning ones at various convenience stores around town.

Wright was free on $1,000 bail on Friday. She did not reveal how much money she actually won from the tickets, and authorities did not know the amount either.

Customer service representatives such as Wright deal with lottery tickets all day long while on duty. Stores such as Winn Dixie do large volume amounts of lottery ticket sales, and once in a while, the service representatives try and steal some of the tickets.