Leaders Of New Jersey Gambling Ring Receive Five Years In Jail

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A sports gambling operation that brought millions into the pockets of operation leaders was broken up by several state law enforcement agencies in New Jersey a while back. The fallout from that raid continued on Friday.

Two of the leaders of the operation, Andrew Micali of Ventnor and Jack Buscemi Jr. of Mullica Hill, were sentenced on Friday to five years in prison. The pair had both plead guilty back in December novolinespiele.

“It is important for those who want to partake in this type of activity to know that the state of New Jersey is not going to tolerate it,” said observer Louis Ferraro, “I’m glad these people were sentenced and will have to be held responsible for their actions.”

It was all the way back in March of 2006 when the investigation into the illegal sports gambling operation began. Undercover officers were used in the Borgata Hotel Casino poker room, which was the location of the illegal activity.

Once the law enforcement officials gathered enough evidence, they arrested all of the parties that were involved with the operation. It was not just the two main pieces that went down. There was a large network of agents that were also involved.

Six of the people involved received only probation today, but Buscemi Jr. and Micali both were hit with the harshest penalties. The convictions were on different charges. For Buscemi it was second degree conspiracy to commit money laundering. Micali plead guilty to second degree criminal usury.